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July 09, 2007


martins obiorah

Hi Donald
Just read through your website/blogg, was really nice article you have there,wish you luck in Algiers. as you know i have been hibernating for almost 12 months (after last year's Austria Open), since i have had a child i feel the pressure of fatherhood creeping up,what keeps poppng up anytime i want to get back there is what happens when am away from my family? i seem to have faced fatherhood with the same focus i had while training in the streets of lagos to be good at Taekwondo.or maybe i am just been lazy?what i definitely know is that i will be coming back.(hopefully not in my fifties..-:)).kind of respect your determination to succeed and be an olympian. am sure you will and you know what mate? you will be winning a medal at beijing 2008..

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